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Size: 1 lb. (453 gm) White Batt
Easy to divide by layers

Folded quilt Batts

Packaged-1lb of Baby/Royal Baby (grade 1-2) all natural White Alpaca Quilt Batting

The Finest Fibers for Heirloom Projects!

Alpaca Quilt Batting -Grade 1

Price: $80.00

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Product Specs

  • 1 Lb (453 gram) Batting
  • 100% Grade 1 ‘Royal Baby’ Alpaca Fiber
  • Grown in Arizona, USA
  • Milled at Morningstar Fiber, NC USA 2018
  • Batts Approx. 24” x 60” full thickness (3-4”)
  • Batts split into layers easily
  • Can stretch to desired size

Product Description

Yes.... we DID create a Quilt Batt run with the finest pure white Grade 1 Alpaca Fibers! We wanted a quality quilt batt that was worthy of heirloom creations. Each Batt is APPROX. 2 foot (24”) by 5 foot (60”) in size and around 3-4 inches thick. The thickness is easily split in half to doible size of the batt. Batts are also easily stretched for project requirements. One batt is great for a throw, lap quilt or heirloom baby quilt. Buy two or more for larger projects.

Farm grown in Arizona and milled in North Carolina to our specs. You will find tiny flecks of grass/vm in this product as we dont use harsh scouring practices to remove grass particles. These tiny hay/grass particles are a normal part of our farm grown products and will not impact your project.

We’ll ship in domestic US for $5 per Batt.