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Saturday, May 21, 2016

5/21/16 Farm Forecast: Full Moon

The amazing 'Audrina' - the 373 gestation standing in front of our 'slow cookers' in the Maternity P

The amazing 'Audrina' - the 373 gestation standing in front of our 'slow cookers' in the Maternity P

Exciting news! Its a big fat full moon tonight! I'm happy because maybe the big fat gestating alpacas will have full-moon babies for me today or tomorrow. Its the weekend. It works for me... So, thats the plan!

There were all these posts on Facebook about last Friday (yes, Friday The Thirteenth!) being a full moon... I fully bought into that hype until I noticed only half of a moon out that night. Those damn FB liars. Its no wonder the babies didn't come out!! Now it all makes sense... Well, this has to - because nothing else does!

The lovely "P Xanadu Diamond Dust' is our front-runner landing at day 357 today. After her, 'Runaway Bride" (Trapper's and David Johnson's mom) is on day 355, Perfectly Delightful (Bodhi's mom) is at 354 and "Tickled Pink" (that amazing 'Rafael's' mom) is on day 353 of gestation! These females were all bred to the same stud, who has ONE offspring on the ground from 2015 - checking that baby's records yesterday, I was reminded that she was born on the 373 day of gestation! This sort of stuff is tracked, we usually note how long females tend to gestate for their records, but maybe its the stud as well. If so, shoot me now....

So this means we have some 'slow cookers' on our hands! To make myself feel better I've decided that, quite simply, good things take longer. I must wait.

On the other hand, there is nothing cuter than a newborn white alpaca shining it's unadulterated brilliant white little self under a full-moon!! I'm Just throwing it out there incase Mother Nature is listening... I mean, I'm also fine NOT waiting. Really fine.

Full moon... Help a girl out a little?